Food Review Video #1

I just realized that I totally forgot to share my food review videos with you readers on my blog. I have done just a few and uploaded them to Youtube but forgot to add them here. Anyways without much further ado, let’s start with the first one I did back in November of last year.

Yes it’s the Chicken Maharaja Mac burger from McDonald’s; the much talked & bandied about Indian answer to the Big Mac (since at a national level beef is not legal). A shame as McDonald’s should have bee given permission to use beef in all their outlets in Kerala and the 6 states in North East Indian were beef is legal. I mean, if I can get a beef burger from a local restaurant in Kerala why not in a McDonald’s outlet in Kerala? The same for bacon/pork!

All political/religious debate aside I love this burger. It is my second favourite burger that I can find it Cochin, next to the beef/cheese burger in Fort Cafe. Enjoy the brief video.

One thought on “Food Review Video #1

  1. Roshan that burger looks delicious. It would be popular here in Toronto I bet. I love McDonald’s… My favourite is the McChicken, I find Big Macs too filling.

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