Former Colleague Takes His Own Life

Yesterday as I was getting into my office building, a former colleague, who works in one of the two other companies in the same building, came by to say hello. As we stepped into the elevator he asked me if I had come to know about Sijo. Sijo was another former colleague who worked with me in FirstSource from 2007-2009. He then left to go and join the US Army’s admin department in Iraq and then would later marry a Malayalee nurse living in the US.

He got posted to the US and joined the Army in the mainland. He kept in touch very briefly mainly on Facebook. I remember he would post once a month his earnings as per his investments in the stock market or shares and stuff. Each post would go like this ‘Thank you Jesus or heavenly father for the profit you have given me’. He would also shared a screenshot of his app or website where it showed his earnings.

What I got to know yesterday is that he had borrowed a lot of money from several sources to invest and I guess he ran into a lot of losses and debts. When they came a calling he decided that the only way out was to end his own life. He leaves behind his wife and family (I don’t think he has kids). His funeral is this Friday.

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