Fractures & Broken Bones

I’ve had a couple of fractures. Twice in two years – 1992 and 1993 – the ages of 16-17. The first time in ’92 when we had a power outage I was coming out of my room to go get a candle and unfortunately I banged my right foot against a hard wooden furniture. Although it was painful, I shook it off and went by my business. A day or two later I started experiencing pain on the foot as I walked to and fro college but I wasn’t paying it much attention. However soon it became obvious to everyone that I was limping and I had to face the fact that I might need to get it looked at. At the hospital an x-ray showed that I had a hairline fracture on my foot and was told to have the foot wrapped up and get perfect rest for a week to 10 days. Ofcourse I got full treatment from home with my sister & cousin sister (who was staying with us at the time) catering to my every need, fetching me my food and drinks, pillows and anything else I fancied :)

The second time I had a fracture was in 2005 just a month or so after my 29th birthday. In a similar incident, late one night I was startled by a loud metallic noise and in my haste I banged my big toe, right foot again, against a chair. The noise turned out to be a cat who had climbed in through an open window and jumped onto the railing and then knocked a vessel. Stupid cat! I chased it away and outside the house and noticed that my toe was hurting pretty badly. I went back to sleep and by morning was unable to put pressure on my toe. I went to the hospital, got my foot x-rayed and was informed that I had a little fracture on my big toe. 1 week rest and then a check to see if I could go back to work after that. Damn! I called my boss and informed her that I needed a leave very badly. Only one problem!

My folks had to go to Trivandrum for my cousin’s wedding and were staying at my aunt’s house. And we had my sister’s puppy, Shawny Junior, who I also needed to take care off. Luckily for me mom’s brother & his wife who we lived two doors away from for a few years, were not going and hence my food and puppy’s food were taken care off. The only thing is – have you tried pleasing a puppy’s playful needs when you have a fracture? I would hobble to lock the gate & night so I could let her run free and open the gate in the morning once I put her back on her leash. She was very easy though and I could feed her and pet her and she’d be happy and didn’t cause me much trouble as I recovered. After a week, my folks came back home and I went to the hospital for another x-ray and was told that I could go back to work but couldn’t wear shoes for an additional 15 days until I fully recovered.

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