Free 3 Day Weekend

I think I must have slept as much yesterday as I have in the last 3 days put together! I guess a combination of losing a lot of liquids, sweating as much as I did, getting cramps, walking all over the Chalakudy market area and the fact that I was up from 3pm on Wednesday till 4pm yesterday did the trick for me. I was so tired and drained out that I slept from 4pm till almost 10 pm and then post dinner and after watching some Corner Gas episodes and one from season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I went back to sleep again at 1:30 am and woke up only by 7:45 am. That’s 6+6 hours and 15 minutes! Wow, considering the fact that I usually mostly sleep only 4 or 5 hours these days!

Reality is sinking in about my moving to Chalakudy. I need so much stuff and so little money to do it with. I’ll have to pace myself, buy some stuff now, the essentials and then some the next month. I need a clothes hanging rack for my stuff. Food is a major challenge and I’m looking to buy an electric stove, the most basic one, for doing some light cooking. It’s gonna be mostly instant noodles, sandwiches (witheither jam, cucumbers & tomatoes) and lots of coffee. I’ll take some plates and pans and glasses from home. I will also need to get a trash bin to keep in the kitchen for all kinds of trash & waste.

What else? I dunno things are a blur right now. Money is gonna be tight this month and I can’t wait for it to be over. That reminds me that I have to deposit a cheque for some cash, which is my final payment settlement for the first 5 days of March and my entitled encashable leave from my previous office. I know – I got my cheque back in the first week of April and it’s been 2 months since then but I just haven’t been able to get myself to the bank to deposit it. As I have taken today and tomorrow leave as well for sorting out stuff, I’ll get it done today.

As I type this, I’m sipping a mocha frappe and just had a chicken sandwich at Coffee Cube. Post going to the bank, I will go for a beer with my cousin Sujith and then look for the electric stove. I can’t believe how tired I still am despite sleeping & resting so much. I’m also going to party with my best friends tomorrow and chill out with them in the evening. It’s gonna be fun.

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