Friday The 13th

In the madness that is the rebooting business in television & movie industry, horror franchise Friday The 13th also recently went through a facelift. Marcus Nisplel directed this movie, which after watching till the end, I wondered what new contribution did he think he was doing?

We start the movie with a disfigured little Jason watching his mother Pamela Voorhees (Nana Visitor) chasing a camp counselor, who is pleading for her life. He witnesses his mother getting beheaded by a machete. About 30 years later a group of campers looking for planted marijuana. A grown up mean Jason kills the rest of the group one-by-one but instead of doing the same to Whitney (Amanda Righetti) he decides to kidnap her because she resembles his mother at a young age. Later her brother Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki) rides on his bike in the area surrounding the abandoned camp looking for her.

6 weeks later a group of friends arrive at one of the guy’s summer cabin. Clay meets up with one of the girls in the cabin, Jenna, (Danielle Panabaker) who agrees to help him in his search for his sister. Jason slowly picks his targets and starts killing the group. Finally only brother & sister are left and they managed to distract him long enough to stab him in the chest with his own machete. However after Clay dumps Jason’s seemingly lifeless body in the lake, the monster leaps up and grabs Whitney – and the movie ends.

There’s quite a bit of nudity in the movie. The first campers has a nude boobies scne and then a sex scene. Two of Jason’s victims are waterskiing and the girl is topless. Also there is a humping scene in the cabin – excellent humping scene I might add. The one and only highlight of this movie is watching young, luscious & busty Julianna Guill bouncing on top of a guy in an extensive sex scene that serves no purpose – but isn’t that the best kind! :)

Made on a $19 million budget the movie has reportedly made approximately $91 million. However I fail to understand why the reboot was made – Julianna’s nude scene could have been made in a normal continuity of the original franchise! 7 outta 10!

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