Frost / Nixon

All of you who have heard of this movie may be aware of the history behind it. The story of American President Richard Nixon who resigned from office in leiu of the backlash from the Watergate scandal & you may have heard / seen television presenter / journalist & talk show host David Frost. David Frost is huge part of my childhood, having seen him on numerous tv specials throughout the years I spent growing up in Kuwait. But I wasn’t aware of this series of interviews that the British journalist conducted with Nixon.

The movie is a strong, mostly dialogue driven classy bit of cinema that I shall always remember. So nice to know that such movies are also being made. Here’s why I loved the movie:

  • Some crafty casting – Frank Langella, who many have seen as Draculla, Sherlock Holmes and as Skeletor in Masters Of the Universe, did a fantastic job as Nixon. The 70+ year old actor truly did deserve to be nominated for an Oscar.
  • And Michael Sheen did a terrific job portraying a playboy, partying and glamorous Frost, who when it came down to it, was also an intense interviewer. I didn’t recognize the Irish actor as the same fella who played ‘Lucian’ the werewolf in the first and third Underworld movies.
  • And the supporting staff were wonderful too – Oliver Platt plays an understated supporting role as does Kevin Bacon and Sam Rockwell. I really like Rockwell’s acting in the film.
  • Rounding out the cast is the beautiful Rebecca Hall, who plays Caroline Cushing, Frost’s girlfriend who he meets on a plan and who becomes his support & confidant during the trying times that surrounded the interviews.
  • The interview sections were some of the best tet-a-tet acting that I have ever seen and is worth watching over and over again. You can cut the tension with a butter knife.

Great movie. 8 outta 10 for me!

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