Fun Things To Do At Home On Hot Days

Fun things to do at home on hot days

Well at times you can’t really do anything but I have found that when it is a hot, humid and sweaty day and it is way too sunny out there, it is best not to brave it out there. Unless you have an air-conditioned car that you can get into in the covered porch of your building or garage – in that case, drive straight on till your favourite mall or movie theatre and enjoy an afternoon in the air-conditioned hall while enjoying a good movie.

If you’d rather stay at home, crank up the ac, pour yourself a nice, tall & cold drink, eat a nice light lunch and relax in your home while watching movies set in the snow! That ought cool down your mind, sense and body. For dinner again, keep things light and crispy and enjoy a nice evening with a cool drink in hand. Wear some light, loose fitting clothes and go to bed with new cool, crisp sheets.

Or do as I do and sleep in the nude. Cools things down way more!

Prompt from 170 Creative Summer Blog Post Ideas for All Bloggers at Nikki Blogs

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