Fun Things To Do With Your Family & Kids When It’s Too Hot Or It’s Raining

Here are some of the simple things you could get up to indoors with your kids:

  • Play a board game – maybe a game of monopoly to get the whole family involved and entertained for hours!
  • Complete a puzzle – maybe make it a challenge to see who can complete their puzzle the quickest.
  • Get out your old photobooks – and enjoy looking back at old pictures with your kids. Or if most of your photos are digital, maybe you and your children could get creative and design and order a printed photo book with their favourite pictures.
  • Family movie night – You could get baking during the day and make a few cupcakes, ice lollies or any snack of your choice ready to eat with the movie! Maybe if you decide to make a sweet treat, your kids could even help decorate those treats! And if you can’t decide what movie to watch you could write down a film onto a small piece of paper, throw it into a bowl and have someone pick one out to decide which movie you could watch. Making a den to watch the movie in is also a creative way to keep little ones busy whilst using their imagination!
  • Create a scavenger hunt – Firstly you just need to create a couple of clues and hide them, each clue should be a clue to find the next one. It would be a great idea to leave some sort of a ‘hidden treasure’ at the end for your kids to find. It could maybe be some sweet treats or you could create a coupon to have an ice cream that they could use by the end of the day.

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