Fun Will Now Cease And Back You Go To The Sombre Reality

How do you feel when going back to work/school after a fun weekend?

Like I have been cheated by bringing me a time of happiness and joy and then bringing everything down when it has to be work again. The problem with having way too much of a good time is that it always ends and you have to go back to reality.

That’s how it has always been right? Unless you are really very rich that you need not work for a living and you can afford to not have to depend on a monthly salary for your day to day life. Then the fun can either not stop or you can just come back home from whatever it was that you were doing for fun and just relax and recoup and plan your next fun activity.

That is what I hope we can achieve. Not have to be tied down to a 9 hour work 5 days a week for money and instead do work that interests you because you enjoy doing it and not because you have to just to make money and feed your family and yourself and keep a roof over your head.

Prompt from SEPTEMBER BLOG AND JOURNAL PROMPTS at Living A Sunshine Life

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