Gaze into your future

In a few days we will be having a function at our office and all 600 plus employees will be invited to attend it. My department, the training team, are organizing the whole affair, which will start with a big program including lunch & dinner this coming Saturday for the level of supervisor & above. But next week it will be for the whole office and that will be quite a task. We are organizing some games, a few gifts & some snacks for everyone. While we were discussing this, somehow it came out to have someone, ME, to dress up in a beard & a robe as a fortune teller! Wear a few rings on my finger, a turban on my head, have some ominous music in the background and scare the crap outta people who come to get their future told to them! I will be arranging for a crystal ball and set it on a small table.

Let me see you future….I see…..dead people!

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Song for the day – “Girls Who Can Read Your Mind” – PAUL GILBERT

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