Getting A Spring Mattress

As there is a a plethora of choices on the market today, choosing the right mattress is often a daunting task. A traditional or classic spring mattress, also known as an open spring, open coil or Bonnell spring mattress, provides great value for money as well as comfort. A Comfortable Classic Spring Mattress makes for the perfect option for any bedroom. Coming in a variety of sizes and comfort grades, you’ll be sure to find a spring mattress that suits your needs.

While the number and size of coils is a factor in how comfortable and supportive your mattress is, the top layer is also important to consider. For ultimate comfort, we’d recommend looking for a mattress with a memory foam or gel top layer (known as a hybrid mattress) – that way you get a little of the pressure relief of a foam mattress, but with the support and bounce of springs. Other mattresses have a plush or polyfoam top layer to provide that softness. The quality, material and thickness of these can make a huge difference to the feel of the mattress.

Innersprings are known for being bouncy, and you tend to feel as if you are perched on top of the bed, rather than sinking into the bed (which is what memory foam does). The lift of a pocket sprung mattress means they offer you excellent mobility, so you can move around easily on them. More expensive mattresses will shape to your bodily contours and provide a perfect combo of springiness and conformity. These tend to appeal to back pain sufferers, who don’t like the sensation of sinking in, which you can get with a some memory foam mattress. 

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