Getting Ink On Your Skin?

That is what my name is in traditional Chinese letters (I hope Google translated it accurately).

I would want to get this tattooed on my arm. I love tattoos and enjoy the TLC / Discover Channel shows Miami Ink & LA Ink but was fascinated with tattoos and tattoo art for many years before the shows. Being a hard rock & heavy metal fan, its inevitable that I see a lot of them and find the artwork on many magazines and music videos and stuff.

If I got the chance to get a tattoo I’d be so spoiled for choice that I might not know what to get & how many I could get. But my name in Chinese, Russian, Arabic or Japanese lettering is good. Also you can’t go wrong with skull heads; always a favourite of most people. I’d like something elaborate, like this one below.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ink On Your Skin?

  1. That is one bad ass tattoo. I love it. I am thinking of getting a tattoo for my next birthday. Of St. Michael the Archangel. I am heavily into religious iconography even though I am not all that religious. I also might get one of Jimi Hendrix. Problem is I am terrified it will be really painful and knowing me I will probably wimp out. I hope I am brave enough to do it!

  2. If we lived nearby, we could go get tattoos together.
    After years of wanting one, I heard that finally there is a place in my city where we can get tattoos. I’m gonna check them out and get feedback from others who have done ink there and if things are good, I’ll get one.

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