Gift Of Spinning Yarns

What makes a good storyteller, in your opinion? Are your favorite storytellers people you know or writers you admire?

Well it kinda depends – some people, laymen, are great at telling a fine tale and do it animated with wild gestures, use of expressive vocabulary and intonation. I like to be able to do that as much as possible but sometimes in the excitement and in a hurry to tell the tale you go too fast for that.

Some people just have that gift that make them so fascinating to listen to and as a result can make even a grocery shopping list interesting to listen to. I’ve known a few people in person who can make you hang onto every word they say and laugh out loud mainly due to their expressiveness at a humorous situation. They can be found in the middle of small or large crowds.

And in the written format there are quite a few authors who are great to listen to but that is not always the case. I know a few writers, excellent at the written down word but dull as a door knob to listen to on interviews and such.

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