Give Me (Shower) Head

I’m a shower man as compared to many people I know here who prefer to bathe with water from a bucket that’s poured onto their head by a mug. This is most common way for Indians to bathe but showers have taken over for most people below 45.

I love showers but found the miserly piece of steel that was fitted in my bathroom was piss poor in comparison with the rain head showers that I kept seeing in apartment videos on Youtube or on the tv. Getting a plumber to come to this building is a task in itself. So I adjusted to the damn stupid thing that was installed by the previous owners.

But for the past few weeks the trickle had become even more miserly that I moved to the bucket and mug method. I needed the shower head to be changed but getting a plumber here was difficult. Until a couple of days ago – he came and changed it in a jiffy! Finally after 3 years and 4 months I have a much better shower head and I was in a hurry to test it out.

You know what? It might not be the rain-head that I was envying or big in any way. It’s pretty close in size and design to the one pictured here. But you know what – it does it’s job pretty well. Showering is a pleasure and look forward to standing under it’s river of refreshing goodness every morning. And some evenings. Showering is fun again.

2 thoughts on “Give Me (Shower) Head

  1. Change it yourself. You need a good pair of locking pliers and teflon tape. And of course a new showerhead.

    When I was on tour I had my showerhead and tools to change it in every condo, I need a handheld shower head to enjoy my showers.

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