Gmail Has Themes For You & Me

Gmail has themes! I had already read about it in Miss604’s blog but it took Google a further 2 days to offer it to their subscribers in India. That’s ok!

I signed in to my Gmail account this morning and saw the option for themes bright and shiny at the top of the inbox. I said to myself “let’s give it a try” and clicked on it. There’s minimalistic themes for those people who prefer the basic Gmail look albeit with a little different colour scheme. There’s also picture backgrounds, animations and a couple of natural settings.

You can access the theme browser by going to Settings -> Themes. The nature themes are created to change scenery over time. Take a look at the various themes that they have and decide for yourself if you want to add some colour to your Gmail. With my Star Trek mind, I’ve chosen the Planets theme and it’s cool.

But I wonder how long it will take for most people to grow weary of the themes and go back to the old reliable but drab default one!

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4 thoughts on “Gmail Has Themes For You & Me

  1. I think you should keep it feminine. Pink would suit u. Cause you are all woman. But the themes are cool eh?

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