Good Places To Drink & Read A Book

Share your favorite coffee shops or places to read a good book.

Not that I have been to a coffeeshop or any place to read in a very, very long time. I just don’t read books anymore and that is a shame. I just don’t find much time to do that and I wish I could. However for quite a while – I would say from 2006 till like maybe 2011 – I used to frequent quite a few coffeeshops and read books while chilling in there.

So during those times the two Cafe Coffee Day outlets – the original one at Shenoys Junction and the other one near Medical Trust were my favourite coffeeshops. Another one was Kawaha Cafe which unfortunately has not survived Covid 19. Coffee Beanz, Fort Cafe and Coffee Cube also were good options but they don’t exist anymore. But yes I have enjoyed many hours in there with a book and some good coffee/frappe when I am not with somebody else.

But the one I really miss is not a coffeeshop but a bar! Oberoi’s bar and attached family restaurant was a favourite of mine and the good thing is when I went in the afternoon, I usually would go in with a book. I would pick a seat next to one of the large windows and move the thickĀ  curtains a bit so I got in plenty of sunlight. Then I could read several chapters of a novel while I drank my beers or vodka + Sprite and ate some good food. Good times!

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