Gun Powder For Condiments?

Well I am here in my sister & brother in laws apartment. Sitting in one of the bedrooms at the end of the apartment, which is usually my younger nephew’s. My folks are in my older newphew’s room and my nephews and niece sleep in the 6th floor apartment of their paternal grandmom. I woke up early yesterday and post coffee and breakfast I was on the computer till 11 am when I took a shave and a shower and then got ready to go to work.

Work was ok, I was alone at my desk for most of the day from 1:30 pm till almost 8pm. Lunch was terrible at the office cafeteria – at 1:45 pm they had run out of most stuff so I had some rice with the bottom section of sambhar which was so little that I asked for beef curry and some cabbage thoran. The beef was so hard and rubbery – I am sure if I took a piece and threw it against the wall it would bounce back like a ball – and the curry was so spicy that my eyes watered. So spicy, I think she put gun powder instead of spices! It was an awful experience.

I continued with my work until 8:30pm and had a much better dinner which satisfied my hunger and made up for the disaster at lunch. I was one of only 5 people leaving in the 10:30pm cab from the office so I rushed down by 10:32pm and waited for the others and was dropped at home by 11:30pm (only because one of the girls messed up the directions to her place) and watched a couple of episodes of Motive’s season 4 before I slept off.

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