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I keep seeing a lot of apps on the market. Some seem interesting and some don’t. A few, when I look at them, I think “what the fuck where the developers smoking before coming up on this ridiculous idea?” So I browse the list of apps for all the smartphones and then see which ones seem interesting enough to add for my BlackBerry. I admit that I am very choosy and also do not want to crowd my phone’s memory with all kinds of shit and therefore I only have a two sports related apps for latest scores, news and transfer updates (football & NHL), a photo app, social network apps, chat apps & WordPress blog app for blogging. That’s it; which is what I call the basics.

But what I don’t see are the real useful apps. An app that says “this are is filled with religious fundamentalists and assholes. Beware! Logic means nothing over here. Take deviation”! and conversely will also alert you to “Relax! Well read, secular and humanist freethinkers area up ahead” so you can breathe out and relax. Or for relaxing an app that alerts you to best drinks, food and happy hours at bars as you walk by in a particular area. Why the heck can they not make such apps???

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