Happy Malayalam New Year

Happy Vishu

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to all of you, Keralites & non-Keralites alike. Its the new year Kerala style. Well its the start of the Harvest season and its a good excuse to bring out the banana leaves and fill your belly up with rice & a hundred curries. Apparently its also new years for the Punjabis, Kannadigas, Assameese & Tamilians. So happy new year to you guys as well.

The pic of the sadya above is similar to what I’m gonna have this afternoon. Payasam is one of my favourite things to have, but unlike most people, I like to have it cold or cooled rather than piping hot. Come on people we live in one of the hottest regions in the world, let’s cool off a bit.

I’m all for harvest season festivals. Ofcourse the ‘Vishu kanni‘ is something I have skipped since I was 14. Who the heck wants to see that faggot blowing his flute the first thing in the morning? Not me.

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