Happy New Year & Welcome 2012

Wherever in the world you are I hope you have a nice, safe New Year’s Eve party. This is one of those special days that we all celebrate around the world in much the same fashion. Good food, some drinks, having a party with friends. It doesn’t change much around the world, just the actual food and beverages according to what’s preferred. Granted it’s the end of the Christian calendar or whatever but we all follow this calendar.

2011 has been the shittiest year for me so far. When I think of all the crap that happened this year, I just hold my head in my hands in shame. Of all the years in my life, this has got to be a personal & professional low. There are just some good highlights here and there but mostly it has been bleak. I never though this was coming. Things have started to look up for me as the years ends and I’m happy for that. But I won’t forget the stuff that happened this year. It was bad. I’ve kept most of it away from my family & friends and haven’t even scratched the surface of it on this blog. Some thing are best suffered alone.

Anyways, I hope 2012 is good for me and for you. I hope it is as awesome for us as 2011 was shitty for me. And we’d deserve it a lot cause you know the world is gonna end on December 21st of 2012! :) Mayans!!

One thought on “Happy New Year & Welcome 2012

  1. I’m sorry you had such a bad year, Roshan. Mine wasn’t so great, either. I am really glad it’s over but of course just because it’s over it doesn’t mean the crap is over. I want a bit more of a stress free 2012. With a bit more fun. I wish that for you too. Happy New Year!!!

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