Hard Rock Cafe , Chennai

So last Friday was made even more awesome because I saw that the Chennai outlet of the Hard Rock Cafe was in the Phoenix Mall and that came as a total unexpected surprise to me. I also saw the merchandise store but wary of prices, I only decided to head to the cafe for lunch and stick to it. It is an awesome space and the restaurant has great ambiance and atmosphere and ofcourse great decor and music. They also have great staff who were so friendly and wanted to make my visit extra special when they found out that it was my first time there and that I hadn’t expected to see the HRC during my visit but that I was a fan of rock music and really wanted to check out their restaurant.



As you can see the posters on the wall filled me with giddy delight and I took a brief video (which I will post up later) and snapped a few pics. So there was Jane’s Addiction, Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora – and yes that’s his signed guitar on the wall there – and boy does that guitar look awesome!



Next up were 70s & 80s classic bands Van Halen, AC/DC, Scorpions & Jefferson Starship. There was also a Sammy Hagar one but it came out all blurry on my camera. We also have Slipnot, Godsmack and a Corey Taylor signed acoustic guitar. I loved looking at the posters and guitars.


But ofcourse the star of the cafe is their food. I settled on the huge bbq bacon cheeseburger, with caramelized onions, which came with a small salad and lots of French fries. I went with one of the recommended mixed fruit juices / mocktails (as they don’t have the license for alcohol yet, due to being in a mall in India) which was called the Liquid Lust. Delicious combo of grape, cranberry, orange and some other stuff I can’t remember.


The bacon cheeseburger was amazing and orgasmic. Loved the burger and I rate it a 10/10. Excellent place and a shame they haven’t opened one in Cochin yet. I hope they do.

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