Haunted Tale

I will tell you a story I first heard many, many years ago when I was still a teenager.

There was a young man who was the only son & sole heir of his rich parents. The three of them lived in a giant mansion at the top of a hill, which was the only house for atleast 5 miles. They gave him everything he could ever want. Anything he desired, they bought for him and his life was wonderful. When he turned 25 both his parents passed away due to old age and the young man was lonely, living alone in his big giant house and spending the family money on drinks & food and investing in various ventures. Soon he started to mingle with the young and rich and at a party he met this young, beautiful woman and fell in love with her.

She was an orphan who was working for a small company in the nearby town and she was as lonely as he was and they soon started dating. He spent money on her and they enjoyed the high life. She however didn’t want much riches but only his love. After 6 months they got married and for a wedding present he got her 10 rings for each finger, each one embedded with a different precious stone. The most expensive one was a huge red ruby ring which she wore on the middle finger of her right hand. The happy couple spent their days traveling and enjoying themselves. Meanwhile money started becoming tight as the young man stopped paying attention to his various business ventures. After a year passed he realized that he was almost broke and started gambling to make more money. When he started losing at card games he started selling some of his expensive stuff to pay off his debts. But the bills and debts kept piling. One night as his wife lay asleep, he thought that if he sold off her rings he’d have enough money to pay off his debts and still have a lot of money left over. As she slept he killed her in his sleep by strangling her and then removed her rings. However the big ruby ring was tightly placed and so he had to cut off her middle finger and then remove the ring. He then dumped the body in a far of swamp.

The young man sold the rings and payed off his debts using the money he got for the rings and reported his wife missing. He kept a low profile not going out too much but staying in for most of the week and only going out for supplies. Another year passed and late one rainy evening he was driving back to his mansion when he picked up a young woman who said she was lost. He suggested that she spend the night at his place, as it was raining quite heavily and it was late. He said that he would take her to the town the next morning. She agreed and they went to his house. He had to light some candles as the power was out due to the heavy rains and lightnings. As they settled in he asked her if she would like a drink and she replied that she would. So he mixed two scotch & sodas and handed one to her and they both sat on opposite chairs and relaxed. As the young man admired her beauty his gaze happened to fall on the glass she was holding and saw that she was holding it with her right hand……………but her middle finger was missing!

Hesitantly the young man asked, what had happened to her middle finger. Oh that, she said well that’s……………..LOOK BEHIND YOU!!

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