Head Cold, Stuff Nose…The Works

I’m down and almost out.

I was ok this morning when I left for work but I fell ill within an hour. The AC is kept at a very high temperature and by 11 am I was sure that I was gonna catch a bad cold. And sure enough I started sneezing away to glory.

I was sneezing and sneezing so much that at one point I notice my brain come outta my nose. At a later stage I saw that that the force of my sneezes had moved my chair (on wheels) to quite a distance! At lunch time I thought that a good hot meal may take care of it but the rice was cold and the chicken gravy was just warm.

I couldn’t take it any more but decided to stay and complete the more important work. By 5:15 pm I took a company cab and got dropped home. We had to take a different (read that as long) route as there was a traffic block and I ended up taking a nap in the car. One cup of strong black coffee has not done it’s job either. Gonna nap for some more time.

4 thoughts on “Head Cold, Stuff Nose…The Works

  1. No I don’t work Sundays and I get two Saturdays off in a month (but that’s only for HODs)

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