Heading For The Wedding

Today is my buddy Anil’s wedding. At the age of 36 the evergreen bachelor is finally getting hitched. I never thought I’d see the day.

Throughout the time I’ve know this bugger, from May 2002, he’s been a very close friend of mine. Both him & Madhu are my best friends and best friends for the longest time I’ve had. Madhu was married about 9 years ago and now Anil is getting hitched.

Madhu and I have arranged to meet at 4pm at HMT Jn and we will be heading to Thrissur to attend Anil’s wedding. We have hired a taxi to get us there and Madhu’s wife is also joining us on the trip. We expect to reach the church by 5:30 pm and attend the ceremony, spend some time with Anil, meet the bride, take a few snaps, have a quick dinner and then rush back to Cochin as soon as we can.

And oh, Madhu & I chipped in to buy him a beautiful gift – it’s a crystal vase that is just so great looking. Parts of it is the colour of whiskey, so Anil is gonna love it. It’s big & sexy looking and I would want one myself.

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