Ok new tv series on the horizon. I rarely get to watch the beginning of a new series (new as in showing in India for the first time) these days so I was happy about catching the premier episode of this one. Heroes is a new tv series altogether (started in 2006) and it looks promising. I hope that the episodes are capable of keeping the same standard throughout. I really enjoyed the first hour of this new series. Heroes is about a group of people who are just realizing that they have extra-ordinary abilities like time travel, telepathy and flying! In once case we have Claire Bennett, who jumps of a high bridge, is burnt in a fire while rescuing a man trapped and gets her hand mangled in the waste disposal – but she is not affected as she has the power of spontaneous regeneration! Nathan Petrelli & his younger brother Peter are also highlighted – the former has the ability to fly and the latter can mimic powers of people he is in close contact with.

There is a Japanese programmer who bends the space-time continiuum and tele-ports himself from Tokyo to New York. Ali Larter plays an internet stripper who has an alternate personality which takes a life of it’s own and which she can see in reflections. And when it does, she has superpower abilities. Her son is a technical genius and can communicate with computers & other electronic stuff. And we have Sendhil Ramamoorthy who plays a genetics professor in Madras, India and who comes to New York is search of his father, who was killed.

Song for the day – “Blue Powder” – STEVE VAI

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