Hindu Activists Abuse College Students In Mangalore

download american gangster The vile activists of Sri Rama Sene are at it again! Well, they haven’t been identified as being of that Radical group but it sure smells like them though. The fourth such incident in a month in the city of Mangalore, 4 unidentified miscreants heckled a boy and two girls who were sitting in a juice shop. Some of you would have read about this in my blog earlier.

The two girls were Hindu and the boy was a Muslim and this enraged the 4 idiots. Apparently they thought that the boy sitting & talking with the 2 Hindu girls, who were his college mates, was a show of disrespect and they abused and threatned the boy for speaking in public to the girl. Other people at the shop alerted the police but before the cops could arrive, the 4 men left the scene.

On the 14th of Feb, a group of activists of the same group had attacked a Valentine’s day party held within the confines of a Call Center in Mangalore. Apparently, the function was an insult to Hindu sentiments and the god Rama was appalled at it. So his Sena (army) went to break up the party and beat up a few people. Similar such incidents have been heard in the city of Mangalore.

download enchanted So where are we headed to? Do these terrorists in the name of a Hindu god get to chose what the people do? Who appointed them as moral police for India? I think the police have to do something permanent, round up the top members of this group and raid their head quarters. We do not need no Rama Sene.

Incidentally Rama’s Army in mythology was full of monkey men! Is that why this morons are acting like Apes? Henceforth, let’s refer to the Sri Rama Sene are Ape Men!

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