Hoping To Be Snapping Pics Soon

I’m not a photographer in the sense that I do not know the technicalities or the terminologies of the field and I don’t know anything about cameras. But I love taking pictures!

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I’ve not had a good camera in a long time and I’ve never had a digital camera. I’ve borrowed my sister’s camera to take a few pictures of events that I had wanted to take pictures of and then hosted them on Flickr & ofcourse saved a copy onto my hard disk.

My bank is ICICI and they have come up with an offer to make net banking payments for a couple of online shopping malls in India. And what’s more one of them said shopping sites has some sweet deals on several of their items, including the Wespro 5060s 5MP camera. I’ll be saving a whole lot of money if I buy it from their site and I’m getting excited as I anticipate using the camera. I’m waiting for the 30th to finalize the deal. Keep your fingers crossed.

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