House Hunt

Happy Republic day to all Indians. What did you do today? Did you show your patriotic best? Hmm! Well I was actually surprised at the number of people out on the streets and the number of businesses that were humming with normal day activity. Hey, isn’t it actually a national public holiday? Well it didn’t seem to bother the majority of our population as most people went about their normal routines, I guess. Everywhere I looked people were bustling about. I had promised a friend that I would go with him to look at a house that was on the market. His parents & him are planning on moving & settling down in the Cochin area. They are from Thrissur but his mom has most of her family here. With his father now retired and my friend working here, it makes more sense for the move. We were supposed to go yesterday evening but my friend got caught with something at work so we kept it aside for today.

By 12 I was in his car and we headed our to Kakkanad, where the house is located. I hadn’t been to that area in a long while. We got a little lost and so we called the current owner and he guided us. It was a quaint little house, not bad at all. It does have an add appearance as the top floor does not cover the entire top of the bottom floor! The ground floor is bigger than the one above it – this was explained by the owner as it having being constructed much later. Ah, ok! The owner and his wife live alone there, their son now living in Orissa, where he is settled, and their daughter lives in a house with her husband in Fort Kochi. The parents were moving to be near their son and wanted to sell the house.

I don’t know what my friend will decide as he mulled it over quite a bit. We had coffee and thought more about the merits of the house (it seems like a dull neighbourhood, to say the least) and he spoke for 3o minutes to his parents on his mobile. Anyway we decided to get some lunch as it was almost 1:30 pm and we were hungry. So we went to have a beer and lunch – I had noodles, he had fried rice and we both ate beef. It was ok and we settled in our comfy seats and chatted about moving homes in general.

I came back home just before 4 pm and napped for a bit. It’s hard to as the carpenters are still at it. It has been so long. My younger nephew, Aditya, was there since yesterday evening and he was watching a Mr.Bean marathon on the children’s channel, Pogo. I watched a bit with him – there was Mr. Bean & Mr.Bean the animated series as well. Both are funny in their own way. Mr.Bean is Adi’s favourite tv show now, it seems. Earlier he had a fascination with Scooby doo and he would wait for it to show on tv before he ate his lunch (it was on during lunch time). That kid can eat bananas like a chimp!

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