How I Celebrated My Birthday Yesterday

Birthdays are no longer the big event that I or even some of my relatives had during our younger years. It’s now mostly just another day with me balancing the morning and evening by liking and/or thanking people for their wishes and then once in a while someone may call and hence I answer them and then thank them for the wishes and then later on in the evening getting a cake and ordering some good food.

That’s what I did yesterday. My aunt called me and a couple of others, who I haven’t spoken to in ages, also found some time in their busy day to make that call – which I absolutely appreciate. Post breakfast, I also responded to messages and liking the wishes on Facebook and Whatsapp. By 1 pm I was hungry and I decided to have lunch with mom & dad here at home. I had already messaged my sister to tell her to come for dinner.


I then watched some tv while relaxing on my chair, some Corner Gas and then some CSI. I had a coffee and a snack and then went to take a shower and change. I had also ordered in a cake – the one you see above – and a little later I went down to go and collect the cake from the delivery guy. That done, all I had to do was wait till 7 pm when my sister & niece would be in.

They came at exactly 7 pm and in 30 minutes after checking what people would be ok to eat I placed my order on Swiggy. From one of my current favourite restuarants, Urban Paratha, I ordered some naan, 2 veg pulaos, butter chicken & tandoori chicken. Then I went back to the living room and spent the late evening with my family. We also cut the cake and enjoyed a piece. The food arrived by 8:20 pm and we ate our dinner while chatting. My sister and niece left by 9:45 pm.


I sat and watched a bit more of tv until I had to go to bed. I then went to the washroom, then took my medicines and got my bottle of water filled. Then I went to bed after I switched the lights off and tried to sleep. Good birthday!

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