How I Manage My Packing For A Trip

Do you have mad packing skills when you head on vacation? Share your packing tips.

Not really but I think I have become much better at it now and if I were to compare myself from say 6 or 7 years ago to now, I think there is a big improvement. For instance the first thing I used to do – precovid – was to make sure my shirts were all laundered and ironed (by a guy who you can send your clothes to and who will bring it back all neatly pressed, folded and ironed) because the thing I hate most is ironing and folding.

Now that I have those done, I will move onto undershirts and underwear and neatly put them in between those and my trousers/pants. Socks go on next and then towels and lungis (which is what we wear in the house) and on top I will tuck in any books I plan to read on the trip/vacation. I always keep my toiletries in last – shaving foam, razor, spare cartridges, shaving brush, soaps, shampoos and deodorants. Usually I can get a pouch to keep them in.

Anything else if I have space will go in. Finally phone charger, laptop, laptop charger and mouse go into a smaller bag – like a laptop bag – and then I am all set.

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