How I Rang In The New Year – 2023!

So like I hinted in the previous day’s post, New Year’s eve was a very quiet night in for me and my parents. Apparently there was a bit of a plan for some of my cousins to meet up but as it was at the last minute, most already had plans of their own. Hence that did not take place, but I wasn’t sure if I would go for that anyways. I was thinking that if it happens, I would stay back and order in some dinner and have my sister take my parents to the event.

Since that didn’t happen my sister and a friend of hers went out with a cousin and a couple of others. Finally it was just me and my parents who would be at home together and that’s alright. We will find another day so I can enjoy with all my relatives again. Oh well, I woke up at 9 am and had my breakfast and coffee and then took my meds. I relaxed all day, hydrated as much as possible and watched a movie in the afternoon and even managed a 40 minute nap. Evening I had some biscuits with my tea, took a shower and then checked out to see what offers we would have dinner on Zomato & Swiggy.

I decided to get some chicken lollipops (6 in total, 2 for each of us), kuboos and Afghani tandoori chicken (one of my favourites) from Zaataar. I ordered early by 7:15 pm as I thought we would have trouble with the app later on. Still it took 50 mins (as mentioned on the app) for the food to arrive. We ate it while my parents watched tv. Oh and we had ice cream cake from Baskin n Robbins. Once that was done, I had my meds and relaxed at my system till 11pm when I started to watch the Brighton vs Arsenal match and we won and it became 2023 halfway though. I spent some time sending and replying to wishes and then went to bed by 1 am.

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