How To Make Your Morning Habits Affect You In A Positive Way

What morning habits help you have a good day?

Some simple things. If I get up early but I don’t feel too tired or sleepy then that is a really good start to the day. I want to be able to have had enough rest but I don’t want to oversleep and wake up late, which means that I will have less time to do things the rest of the day. So earlyish wake up is a good thing and step one.

Big cup of coffee as soon as I brush my teeth? Yes. Even better? A second big cup of coffee later on the morning will make things a whole lot brighter and make me feel more awake. A nice breakfast – I like a lighter breakfast; just some peanut butter on toast or some vegan garlic mayo on toast. A solid morning listening to music as I eat my breakfast and enjoy my coffee. Watch some Youtube videos and debates and have a relaxing morning.

Other than that I don’t think I need much to have a good day. I usually take a shower later on in the day. But yeah if I can get a nice shave and a shower in the morning, then it will be a really refreshing start to the day.

Prompt from Daily Journaling Prompts for October at Krafty Planner

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