How Will You Be Spending Halloween This Year?

Well since I live in India, I will not be going for any Halloween parties and I will not be dressing up in a costume and I will not be sending out any kids for Trick or treating. Well that’s because we don’t have any of these practices in India and as for the kids, well I do not have any.

We do not celebrate it here at all, with the sole exemptions of some companies who will conduct some activities in their offices but that is also just a trickle compare to the big festivities that happen in the US, the UK & Canada. So I will be sitting in at home and just chilling. I have to work from 9:30 pm till 6:30 am – yes the dreaded vampire shift. So I will try to watch a movie in the afternoon. Like a horror movie.

But I do have some candy. Some Hersheys white chocolate candy bars. Nice!

Prompt from Daily Journaling Prompts for October at Krafty Planner

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