How’s Your 2011 Going So Far?

Well let’s see. It’s not going the way that I wanted it to. But then on the 31st of December I kinda knew that it wasn’t going to go well. I had an explosion of sorts blow up in my face – I was getting blamed for something that I hadn’t done! Something went wrong and someone above me was trying to shift the blame onto me and I wasn’t willing to take that shit.

Well immediately after that it was nice ofcourse; I got to spend New Year’s eve with my two best friends. We had a few drinks and some good food and unfortunately it was raining quite heavily and we 3 got soaking wet but reached our respective homes in one piece. Because of issues at work I could not attend my friend Anil’s engagement ceremony on the 5th of January. My mind was occupied and it was heavy with not so happy thoughts.

Things went by for a few more days. There was no way that I would miss attending Anil’s wedding day. So I joined Madhu, his wife and a former colleague of my two best friends and we traveled to Thrissur on the 13th and watched Anil transform from eternal bachelor to a married man. That was not something I thought I would see soon. The only downside; we 3 haven’t been able to get together since for a nice dinner.

Since the 13th, I’ve taken 3 days off to search for a new job, floating my resume in a few places and sending a lot of emails. I’ve also asked a few consultancies to help me out by promoting my resume when they find any suitable job vacancies. And now, after a couple of weeks of silence, I finally have call backs from 3 places. I’ve already been selected for one comany but I’m not too sure about them as they are a startup. Tomorrow and on Thursday I have interviews in a couple of places that look very promising and I have my fingers crossed.

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2 thoughts on “How’s Your 2011 Going So Far?

  1. You are definitely an asset to any company. I wish you well for finding a position that really suits you where your skills and experience are valued. And a salary increase would be nice too…

    Got my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Im having a pretty crappy year so far too. Ive been really SICK and it’s been snowing NON STOP which makes for one depressed and cranky Meleah.

    You are an awesome asset to ANY company. I wish you nothing but the best and happiness! Good luck my friend.

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