Hungry For Love & It’s Lunch Time

A look back at the first Alice Cooper album I ever bought. I’m not a huge fan but I love this guy and I rock this song. Feed My Frankenstein is from the 1991 album Hey Stoopid and was also on the Wayne’s World movie & soundtrack.

2 thoughts on “Hungry For Love & It’s Lunch Time

  1. Man, I can’t believe this was released after the Metallica black album. It just sounds so much ‘earlier’

    Funny and true, my mother used to be mortified when people asked 4 and 5 year old me who I liked to listen to, because, you guessed it, my #1 answer was Alice Cooper. I was especially distressed when he fell off the stage in Vancouver and broke 6 ribs. Lucky for my mother, most of her friends thought Alice Cooper was some woman children’s singer. *g*

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