Hypotheticals, Answered

I found this meme at Rude Catcus and found it to be very interesting. Here are the answers to a few of the best hypotheticals from his site.

One day you find a magic charm. If you activate it, everyone will have to tell you the truth all day long. Do you use it? Or leave it alone? Why, or why not?
Yes I guess I will. I prefer the truth and I think the truth shall set you free. Even if it is bitter.

You can spend a day with any one author, musician or actor – living or dead. Who do you choose and why?
I can’t decide who I would choose. Only one? Well, if I must select only one then it would have to be Sarah McLachlan. Cause she is beautiful, interesting and her music & her voice is the best in the world. Her voice makes me cry and that rarely happens to me.

If you were elected President of the United States this very moment, what’s the first thing you’d do?
Arrest George W. and his father and I’d probably also have an affair with a female intern in the oval office.

You’ve been asked by Superman, Batman, The Boy Wonder and The Wonder Twins to join the Justice League. The only condition? You have to choose your own superhero persona. So what superhero do you choose to be and what are your powers?

Kama Sutra Man! I would seduce the evil women of the world with my various techniques and make then do good deeds just so they can sleep with me!

You are given the opportunity to travel forwards or backwards in time at your leisure. Don’t worry – you can come back. Which do you do? And why? Any particular time you want to check out?
I would like to go back in time and see when humans first made fire. I’d probably blow it out or pee on it or something.

You are given the opportunity to inhabit one fictional world – a civilization, time period, location, whatever – for one week. You can exist in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind, Battlestar Galactica’s future, or Friend’s New York in which twenty-somethings can live in Manhattan on pretty crappy salaries. So, where – or when – do you go and why?
Oh the science fiction fan in me wants to go to Battlestar Galactica’s world. Sexy blond cylons who want to bed me for information! But there’s a lot of dying & destruction there. So maybe live in my favrouite sitcom world, Friends’ New York where I cab sit in a coffeeshop all day or get the Joey special – two pizzas – or listen to Pheobe sing ‘Smelly Cat’.

You are granted the power of invisibility. What’s the first thing you do with this power?
:twisted: Probably visit all the ladies locker rooms.

What’s the most bizarre gift you’ve ever received?
Nothing really that weird. Although for one valentine’s day, a girl I can’t stand gave me this very sweet teddy bear that had a ‘Love You’ sign on it’s chest!

A stranger walks up to you on the street and tells you she knows the day and way you die. Do you get the answer or do you walk away? Why?
I would ask her for the answer. So I can make plans.

You have your choice between two superpowers. You must choose one. You can either stop time or walk through matter. Which do you choose and why?
Hmm, toughie. But I have always wanted to stop time, so…

You will receive $100 million dollars for 20 years of your life. Let’s say that those 20 years you lose will travel in a flash. You won’t have any sense of the passage of time – nothing good, nothing bad…nothing. With the money you will obviously be set for life, every financial concern a thing of the past. Do you take it?
I don’t have much going on for me and who wants to live forever. I’d take it, baby!

You find a sack of money. It contains $20,000. If you take it, you will not get caught. You don’t know exactly where it came from but you can be assured that it’s not coming out of any individual’s pocket. Do you take it and live with whatever guilt you might have? Or do you take the money and enjoy spending it?
Can I get a Hell Yeah!

You are offered any talent – you can dance like Astaire, paint like VanGogh, or write like Hemingway for instance. The only problem is that, while this talent will make you famous and world-renown for whatever it is, you’ll lose any other existing talents you have. What do you do? And what talent would you like to have above all?
Dance like Fred Astaire. And I don’t have any other talents.

A comet is hurtling towards earth and, in two months, will destroy everything. A special project has been established to send a probe into space containing five items that best represent mankind. What are they?
A Playboy mag, a laptop, a loaf of bread, a pot of coffee & a joint. Wait, can I be sent in that probe as well?

Truth or dare? You know, in general, what kind of person are you? Truth? Or dare?

The world is going to end in 37 years. You and you alone know this and it is an absolute certainty. Do you tell anyone? Why or why not?
No I won’t but I’d leave subtle hints around and when it is nearly time people can call me the next Nostradamus.

You have to spend 24 hours as a currently famous person. You’re basically living their life for a day. So, what famous person do you choose and what do you do?
Hugh Hefner and do I have to draw you a picture!?

If you were able to be transported anywhere (geographic location) for 24 hours, where would you go? What sight in the world would you most want to see?
Easy! Canada. Get some Canadian beer & eat poutine and watch some hockey.

If you could go back and right any wrong in history – historic or personal – without having to worry about any of that Star Trek past changing the future paradox shit, what wrong would you right?
Funny answer : Just after the time of Christ’s cruification – I’ll make sure the bugger does not come back! Serious answer : I’ll go back in time to when Hitler was being born and I’d drown the motherfucker before he can scream!

You are forced to move either backwards or forwards in time. How far is unknown. What is known is that you can’t return. Do you move ahead or back? And why?
The past. I would do anything to be able to rectify a few mistakes!

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