I Believe That There Is Some Intelligent Life Out There

Do You Believe in Intelligent Alien Life?

Well, I do believe that there is a huge possibility that there is some alien life out there in one of the around 100 million planets out there in our galaxy alone. Now how many would that make in the entire universe – I can’t do that kind of math.

I am not arrogant enough to think that this planet and we are so special that we are the only living things out in the vastness of space. So even though I don’t know for sure I would bet that there is some intelligent life out there in the vastness of the universe, living on some rock that is traveling around some star in a system. Some will be much more advanced than us and others will be a lot less advanced.

Someday I hope we know for sure and get to meet some friendly aliens who wish us no harm. Who wants to share technology and make things goo for each other. And if their females are hot, I hope they would be up for some “cultural exchange”. I know I would!

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