I Love PayPal

I remember hearing about Paypal for a long time and wondering why it was a big deal. This online wallet was being asked for by many online merchant websites and I didn’t have one and neither did I know how to get one. It was by 2013 that I tried to create a Paypal account and found that there were issues. I needed a credit card. And till that I was adamant that I wouldn’t get a credit card but it’s only because I wanted to buy things from international websites like Amazon.com/ca/uk and ebay.com/uk/ca that I took one.

So I tried to apply for a credit card but it would actually be 2015 January when I got one and that is mostly because the company I worked for at the time was brand new and the bank had issues with it. So I waited till I joined an established company and I applied and got a credit card. Then I created a Paypal account and had to link my PAN card and credit card to the account. Paypal has an Indian site/service and I could now use it for online purchases – mainly for ebay as they prefer online payment through them.

I also use Paypal for receiving payments from clients who ask me for adding links or writing posts for them. So I get payments from them and I can transfer the money to my bank account or card. And I can use Paypal for buying stuff on ebay.

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