I Met Annie Today

Today I wanted to go out and have some mocha coffee frappe and read a book in a coffee shop. I haven’t been out much lately and it’s beginning to affect my nerves. I also wanted to drink a few beers with my lunch as it’s beginning to get really hot these days. So off I went to Cafe Coffee Day at around 12:30 pm to grab a coffee and read in peace. Well not so much peace; as usual CCD was playing some band’s really, really bad cover versions of rock classics. Seriously guys, please buy the originals!

When I got in, I was the only customer, sitting in one corner,  and in about 5 minutes a girl came in. Then two guys who sat in one corner. Then three girls came in and sat on the only big couch in the cafe and through the corner of my eye I could see that one of them was staring at me. I looked up and smiled as I too recognized her. It was Annie.

Annie was this girl who worked in Idea when I was there and who I haven’t seen since mid 2005, when she abruptly left. But I can’t forget her! She approached me and said “Roshan” and it took me a few more seconds to say “Annie” and then we started talking. She said that she saw me from across the street (the cafe is on the first floor). She sat at my table for a while as we tried catching up (it’s hard people, to try and catch up stuff that happened in the past 3.5 years in 30 minutes) and spoke about various people who worked with us. I noticed that she has had a bout with chicken pox recently and we spoke about work and stuff.

I’m so happy to have met her cause I really wanted to try and contact her during this gap but I couldn’t get her number and she didn’t have mine. Well, we exchanged numbers before she had to rejoin her friends. I really did miss her and I have this thing about her eyes….they are gorgeous. It really was nice to talk to her after all this while and I hope that she and I can see more of each other now. There was a brief mention of getting together soon and I plan on taking her up on it. She’s not someone that I want to miss out on having in my life again!

Let me be more clear; I think she & I could have something. I certainly plan on looking into it as I think she would be perfect for me. I don’t know yet if it will work but I fully intend to pursue it. Slowly. We’ve got to catch up first and I’ve got to be a stable part of her circle of friends. I see this as a positive sign and I would like to see if something can happen. To end this post, I must quote that CCD’s slogan:

A lot can happen over coffee!

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