I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

The very premise of this movie was hilarious enough for a big hearty laugh from me. Just thinking about a possible gay marriage between funny men Kevin James & Adam Sandler is enough to ……..hahahaha, see? I can’t help it!

A 2007 buddy comedy movie directed by Dennis Dugan, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry stars the two comedians as two friends who are firefighters in Brooklyn, New York. Along for the ride are the hot Jessica Biel and a host of other great comedy stars. Chuck (James) is a widower with two young kids while Larry is an irresponsible womanizer. In order to help Chuck with an insurance policy problem that makes it difficult for him to name his two kids as his beneficiaries, Larry is reluctantly dragged into Chuck’s charade of making the two of them seem to be a gay couple. Chuck reminds Larry of the promise of a favour the latter made to him after Chuck saved Larry in a burning building.

When city officials, headed by investigator Clinton Fitzer (Steve Buscemi) suspects that the two are fraud, Larry & Chuck head to Canada and get married in Niagra Falls. They also enlist the help of a gay rights sympathetic lawyer, Alex McDonough (Biel) who unfortunately for Larry is so hot & just right for him. For the first time in his life Larry finds a woman who he thinks he can commit to but she thinks he is gay! The pair also face hostilities from their friends in the Fire Department as the other men do not want to do anything with the gay couple. However, in a funny scene, big & tough Duncan (Vig Rhames) goes from being an angry & intimidating loner to being the pair’s best ally – he comes out as being gay being inspired by the love of the two friends!

Having come face to face with homophobic protesters, Larry & Chuck become more sympathetic to the causes of the gay people. Larry becomes close to Alex, whose brother is gay, and in a scene she makes him feel her breasts to show that they are natural, thinking that since he is gay, it doesn’t matter if he touches her. When numerous women testify that Larry slept with them, the pair’s marriage comes under fire and they are dragged to court on charges of fraud. Their friends apologize to the two and come to show support and as a final test the investigator asks the two to kiss on the lips in front of the court to prove that they are actually gay. However NYFD Captain Tucker (Dan Aykroyd), their boss,  protests and lets the court know that the two are not gay. Tucker attempts to save them by claiming that he would have to be arrested as well, since he knew about the fakery but failed to report it. This prompts the other firefighters to each claim a role in the wedding in a show of solidarity.

Unfortunately, with these revelations, the pair, along with all their fellow firefighters, are sent to prison, but they are quickly released after negotiating a deal to provide photos for an AIDS research benefit calendar. Two months later, Duncan and Alex’s brother, Kevin (Nick Swardson) are married in Canada at the same chapel as Larry and Chuck were. At the wedding party, Larry finally moves on after the death of his wife and talks to a new woman, while Alex tentatively agrees to a dance with Chuck. All’s well that ends well.

Great for some laughs. 8 out of 10!

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