I Spit on Your Grave

I Spit on Your Grave is a 2010 American rape-and-revenge horror film and a remake of the controversial 1978 cult film of the same name (originally known as Day of the Woman). It was directed by Steven R. Monroe, and stars Sarah Butler, Chad Lindberg, Daniel Franzese, Rodney Eastman, Jeff Branson, and Andrew Howard.

I have heard of this movie, both the original & the remake, for quite a while but I had no intention of watching it. I don’t like movies that depict rape and dwell on it and can take some torture movies but too much of it is really hard for me to take. I finally watched this one today, and it is tough to sit through without me feeling disgusted about men who gang up and physically hurt & rape women. It is also tough not to feel empathetic towards the victim in this case and cheer her on when she gets her revenge in thoroughly brutal yet innovative ways.

Jennifer Hills is a writer who moves to a remote cabin in the woods of Louisiana from NYC to write her next novel. At a gas station, Johnny who runs the place, tries to flirt with her but awkwardly gets rejected in front of his two friends Andy and Stanley. Jennifer settles in the cabin writing her novel, drinking wine and smoking marijuana. When she has plumbing problems, the caretaker sends Matthew, a stuttering plumber who has social anxiety and possibly other mental issues. After he finishes the work, Jennifer impulsively gives him a kiss of gratitude and he runs out before she can pay him. Matthew then tells Johnny and his friends Andy and Stanley about his visit. Johnny, whose ego was bruised after the gas station incident, decide that Jennifer is snobbish and needs to be “taught a lesson”.

At night the four men enter the cabin and taunt Jennifer making her do lewd acts to a gun. She manages to escape into the woods and runs into sheriff  Storch and Earl, the owner of the cabin she is renting. Storch tells Earl to go back home and leads Jennifer back to the cabin but when he finds her drugs and alcohol, he assaults her too. They make Matthew rape her first before they all take turns out in the woods, with Stanley recording it. A naked and injured Jennifer walks and falls into the river and after a brief search the men think she drowned. Jennifer though is still alive and recovers days later and comes back to the town. She stalks the men from afar and steals the tape from Stanley’s camera.

Storch finds the tape sent to his wife and confronts the other men about it. Johnny is taunted by dead birds thrown at his window and Matthew returns to the cabin where she is strangled by Jennifer as he tries to apologize. She next captures Stanley in a bear trap, smears fish guts in his face, then uses his camera to record crows pecking out his eyes. Jennifer then drowns Andy and burns his face horribly in a lye bathtub. Next, she uses pliers to pull out Johnny’s teeth and a pair of garden shears to cut off his penis, leaving him to bleed to death. She then pretends to be a new teacher for Storch’s daughter’s advanced education program and takes her to the school prak.

Storch finds out and rushes to the park but is attacked by Jennifer. When he wakes up, Jennifer anally rapes him with his shotgun and reminds him that she was just as innocent as his own daughter. She attaches one end of a string to the trigger and the other end to the wrist of the unconscious Matthew, who is seated in front of Storch. When Matthew wakes up, his movements trigger the shotgun, which fires a round that tears through Storch’s body and blows apart his face before hitting Matthew in the chest, leaving both men dead. As she hears the sound, Jennifer smiles.

Brutal  Rape isn’t something that I am comfortable in watching. I can tell you that I was so uncomfortable throughout the film from the stalking, the taunting & raping of the girl. What bizarre and innovative ways to exact her revenge. That was brutal. I label this horror and horrific. But dare I say it I got a certain satisfaction when seeing the main character getting her revenge. As a movie…..7 outta 10!

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