If I Could Learn Another Language Overnight

French. It’s always French. It is the coolest sounding language in the whole world. You could say that you want to go to the loo in French and it will still sound ultra cool. Je veux aller à la merde (if Google translation is correct) – see?

The most sexual lyric line in all the songs is still “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?” I don’t usually like disco or dance songs but I love that line. I could dance to it. I love the way it sounds coming off the tongue of a sexy woman. I’d kill to have certain sexy woman coo that to me. Brrrrrr I get the shivers just thinking of that line!

Ofcourse French can be very dramatic. In the case of one Megadeth song:

“A tout le monde (To all the world)
A tout mes amis (To all my friends)
Je vous aime (I love you)
Je dois partir (I must leave) ”

I love French. I love the language, the country and the cuisine.

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