If I Could Read Minds

Now that’s a dream wish that I would love to have. Imagine a situation where you could read people’s minds and find out what they are actually thinking when you are discussing things with someone. Like whether they actually think it is a good idea or if it’s a pile of dog doodoo. Or whether they are smiling now but actually plotting your downfall in the meantime. In the corporate world that would be a huge weapon that you could wield to your advantage.

Discussions, meetings, reviews and conference calls – you would be like Wayne Gretzky at his peak against a first time goalie defending a football sized goal! They would never be able to pull one over you and you’d have the edge all the time. You can catch them off-guard, destroy their confidence, take away their best argument points and basically rip down their underwear for all to see. Don’t you wish you had that power?

I know I do!

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