If I Could Relive One Day of My Past

Reliving one day and only day of my life. Kinda of like Groundhog Day! I dunno, that is a tricky one to choose. Have you ever had one of those days were everything just seemed to click, everything is like, to borrow a phrase from the late actor George Peppard “I love it when a plan comes together” kinda situation? A day that made you feel that no matter from what angle, height or object you fell from, you’d land safely on your two feet – without any pain at all! Has there truly been a day like that?

Where everything was as rosy as the most picturesque garden, all the planets & stars aligned just for you, all the things you set out to do came true and everything was just perfect. Professionally, personally, romantically – everything was just a-ok. Like how Jim Carrey felt when he was initially granted the powers of god in Bruce Almighty. Ha, that would be a riot. Imagine what I could do with so much power! You haven’t had such a day right? Yeah, cause no one has!

So no, I haven’t had one like that and therefore there is no one day that I could choose to go back in time and relive. It wouldn’t be fair to pick just one and I’m sure that I could never pick just one anyway.

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