If I Could Rename My Blog…

If I could rename my blog…

Back in November 2006 I decided to purchase my very own URL for my blog (which I bought 2 months later on an 1st 2007) and I had a lot of time to think as to what name & address I wanted for my blog/website. I had a few options in front of me and went back & forth trying them out loud and thinking as how they sounded. An hour before I registered the name I was down to three choices : a) Awake & Dreaming b) RoshanGKMenon and c) RGKonline.

As you know I settled on Awake & Dreaming . org (because .com was not available and plus they had a discount for .org URLs that week) and I have no regrets about the name as that pretty much describes what the blog and I am – I do day dream a lot. I tend to drift off into my made up universe when I am either alone or traveling in a bus, car etc. I also always go into this universe when I lie awake in bed just before I go to sleep. So no regrets and also it’s the name of an awesome song by Finger Eleven, a band that I like a lot.

If I wanted to have another name, like purchase another url and also have it point to my blog, would I go with RGK Online? Or something else? I’m not sure but at the moment this is it and I love it. My annual renewal of the webspace is up in a week and I will be adding another year. The URL was grabbed in November which is when it is up.

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