If I Were 13 Again

You’re 13 again, with all of the knowledge you’ve gained since. What would you do differently?

Like I have seen in certain science fiction shows or comedy films, I get turned back to being a 13 year old me yet I am able to retain all the memories of my since since I was 13 and all the knowledge and experiences. I would make so much use of it man, I really would try and make my life so much better and make sure that I do not make the same mistakes that I made the first time around.

I would make sure that I took part in more extra-curricular activities, enjoyed my school life a lot more (not that I didn’t enjoy it but there’s always room for improvement). I would also concentrate more on my studies and make better choices in terms of what I would want to major in. I would make sure that the good friendships endure and keep in touch with the ones that matter. I would also correct a few wrongs and things that didn’t go all that well in my life at that point.

I would also make sure that my sophisticated and knowledgeable abilities make me a big hit with the teenage girls :D. Oh yes I would be smooth and suave and sweep the chickies of their feet. They would swoon all over me because I would be their age but oh so mature and “experienced” and treat them like ladies rather than girls!

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