If The Sun Refused To Shine

What would you do if the sun didn’t rise tomorrow?

Well for that to happen something would have to happen to the earth – perhaps something massively catastrophic that the earth stop rotating and hence only one section of the planet gets to see the sun and the part where I live gets only night time because we can’t see the sun! Wow what could bring that up? Or perhaps we fly outta orbit away from the sun and become a rogue planet that does not revolve around the sun or is too far away that we can’t see it.

Either scenario would be disastrous for all life on earth. So I would panic. What other reason could cause it? I suppose something could block out the sun from the sky. That would only mean that we can’t see it but it’s still there. Black clouds. Something polluting the atmosphere. I dunno, take your pic. Whatever it be, it will be chaos for us and we all could die.

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