I’m Hot

And not in the way that I like! :( For the last few days, my sinus infection is causing havoc with my health. I have a cough that won’t bloody well quit, a blocked nose and a throat that hurts, especially when I cough or sneeze. I was so down that I was lost without any thought in my mind at various points of the day both yesterday and the day before that. I was supposed to take an off today and work on Sunday instead. However today by 11 am the plan was changed and I went for the office a little after 12:30 pm in order to take a few sessions on Information Security.

This is a really big deal for our firm and I will be following up with my personal audits on the advisory level of employees. That will be followed up by a small team of outsiders who will do their own random audits at the office and we damn better get certified. I didn’t work on a day that I was sick for our center not to get certified. So in between coughing, sneezing and wheezing I took three sessions. I also had high temperature and was freezing in the cold air conditioned training room.
Glad to note that we have a new vending machine at the office that also dispenses – get this – tomato soup! I wasn’t a big fan of it but it sure tastes good to me. Did some good to my clogged sinus. And that was the only thing that I felt like having all day, skipped lunch & breakfast. Just good old hot soup! Ahhh!

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