I’m Too Old for This!

I’m 35. I feel too old for all-nighters & video games. I used to play a lot of video games when I was younger just to keep myself entertained but I haven’t played one in ages. Plus 95% of them don’t appeal to me anymore anyway.

Most of the time I’m not in the mood for parties with wild music, one among the reasons is that I feel that it’s for younger people. This is not all of the time ofcourse, there are still parties that I do go to and enjoy myself a lot. But I prefer the quieter ones with close friends or family.

There are quite a few things I feel that I’m too old for, like taking a big risk in a business, moving to another country – that’s something that I would have loved to have done as there are a few places that I would loved to have moved to, work and settle in and make a home there. I just feel that if you are doing that you should do it when you are a bit more younger, like mid-late 20s. I dunno, that’s just my way of thinking.

There are quite a few more things that I feel I am getting too old for and it’s all swimming in my mind but I can’t seem to bring it out in words now. I’m sorry.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Too Old for This!

  1. I think we lose the sense that we can bounce back easily from mistakes as we get older but the truth is we are never too old to try new things or to do the things we’ve always wanted to do. I’ve learnt that in the last year or so. Just do it. That’s what I think!!

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