In The Future People Will Travel By…

In the future people will travel by…

Spaceships. I have written about this before and I honestly belief that we will conquer leaving our planet and colonize other planets and moons and have huge settlements of humanity (plus our pets) living on these planets and moons. Also the spaceships in question would evolve so much thanks to technological advancements that they will resemble luxury 5 star hotels like the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D that you see in Star Trek TNG. And we would have smaller ships, the size of large mansions for families or smaller groups of people.

You will find that people will find it easy to travel between the planets and moons in various systems. In the futuristic world that I have created in my mind – and tried to put on paper with little success – humanity leave the earth behind and settle on 10 large planets and 7 moons in a distant star system in about 500-700 years from now. By the next couple of 1000 years all is peaceful and happy for us, as we have conquered hunger, thirst, homelessness long before we left the earth, crimes and fighting is a thing of the past and we have also no needed to work for money to pay for the things that we need, since replicators are common and easily available in every house and home. A very powerful forcefield also protects us from the elements outside our homes.

Self driving cars with in built protection means no accidents on the large roads we have built on these planets and moon. We have transported most of the wild life from the earth to a couple of the moons and the animals are able to live in large wild areas with human beings monitoring them from a distance and only interfering when the health or safety of an animal is in question. Just like how we have moved onto replicated meats and other food (we can still easily grow vegetables, fruits and grain enough for all our needs as well the needs for all animals) replicated meat is how we feed the animals.

Since humans are curious creatures, we also love to travel the galaxy and see other life and planets out there. As bigger ships are mainly used by the military-esque section of humanity and for larger groups, smaller ships can also be used for travel mainly between to and fro the nearer star systems where there are more human settlements, albeit in smaller groups. So you can be like visiting those star systems, planets and moons to see the sights, animals and visit the people who are living there temporarily or on assignment for scientific purposes of observation and study. When you want to travel further away, you have to book a suite on a larger ship that is headed to that area, enjoy your trip whether you are on your own, with family or just a few friends, and come back home.

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